magnetic check valve, CV for 6 mm tube | B4-0-XX

Operating pressure: 0-26 MPa
Operating temperature: -40°C up to 85°C / 120°C
Reliable in fuelling and operation direction, noiseless 
Small construction 
All seals are suitable for CNG 
Certification: ECE R 110, NGV 
The valve is equivalent of heavy metal regulation
Burst pressure: > 100 MPa, 20°C 
Orifice diameter: 4, 6 mm 
Tightness: 1×10-5 mbar l/s, 20°C, 100% He 
Connection: 6, 8 mm tube or 3/8″ 
Filter: 50 μm or 0,8 mm, stainless steel, optional